Lisa Kaitz

Children’s Book Author

I’m so glad you’re here! Come on in, and excuse the mess—there’s a lot going on.

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Photo credit: Artem Bryzgalov on Unsplash

For one thing, I’ve written a picture book, due out late 2023:

Dog With the Diamond Eyes

After a boy receives the tough news that his dog is going blind, he brainstorms ways to accommodate his new best friend and learns to appreciate his dog in a new way.

It’s a disability-positive, educational story that

touches on all five senses,

uses wordplay, introduces a definition, and identifies syllables,

explores coping mechanisms and problem solving,

employs empathy, sensitivity, and compassion,

shows how love and loyalty enriches us all,

teaches how to adapt to a new situation,

demonstrates the benefits of asking for help and seeking care, and

models how to course correct after making a mistake.

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